Fridays for future South Africa

We, the youth of South Africa declare our intention to stand beside Greta Thunberg and our comrades across the world in the Global Strike for Climate on Friday 24rd May, 2019.

Here are some general guidelines:

1. Fridaysforfuture want you to only strike in a way, that you feel safe with.
2. Many Fridaysforfuture strikers have a police approval for their strike.
3. It is common for these approvals to only allow for a quiet, sitting protest.
4. Fridaysforfuture are unlikely to be able to provide legal support if there are problems, so FFF advises strikers to liaise with local NGOs. These NGOs usually know local lawyers, who are well versed in protest situations.
5. We are a peaceful and quiet striking organization, but unfortunately we have already seen examples in some countries, where some individuals or organizations try to join a strike for the purpose of causing trouble. Please take care and priorities your own safety. *

The #FridaysforFuture strikes have been gaining momentum around the world and are now backed by teachers and academics.

We call upon our peers across the continent to rise up and join us to protest the negligence of our leaders to address the environmental crisis which is exacerbating poverty and inequality. Africa accounts for only 3.8% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions but is far more vulnerable to climate change than the countries who caused it.

Global warming increases the risk of drought, floods and disease. The water shortages, hunger and health risks which result from extreme weather will impact Africa’s poor the most. Our region faces the effects of cyclone Idai as well as the impact of years of dryer hotter weather and yet plans for economic growth are still tied to fossil fuel usage.

Despite being only the 25th largest population in the world, South Africa is the 14th largest emitter of carbon dioxide. It is time our government stopped making things worse by burning Eskom’s dirty coal and trumpeting Brulpadda gas finds.

Last year, the IPCC (the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) said that if we want to keep global warming to no more than 1.5 ˚C by 2100 and avert climate catastrophe, we have to cut carbon emissions 50% by 2030, and 100% by 2050. If every country polluted like South Africa, we’d hit 4˚C for the world, and 8 ˚C for Southern Africa, because our region warms faster.

We demand that SA political parties acknowledge the climate emergency and commit to:

  1. Making climate action the priority of the 2019 election
  2. A moratorium on new coal, gas and oil mining licences
  3. 100% renewable energy in the electricity sector by 2030
  4. A Green New Deal* for South Africa
  5. Initiating climate adaptation education in schools

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