Guy, chatting about very, very near term Human extinction. The planet is heating up really fast over Asia and India and in the oceans. This is causing massive storms and cyclones. Siberia is on Fire, the whole place, methane is pouring out the floors of the oceans, Antartica is melting, Arctic is melted down this summer almost entirely with this latest heat wave.

All this means we very, very close to Human extinction. With air pollution suddenly dropping off and dropping out the sky we seeing a rapid heating effect due to the increased warmth from light entering through the atmosphere we have artificially kept there burning fuels for a century or more. So much smog that we actually we're keeping the climate stable but highly altered from its original state. So the co2 is slowely trapping heat each year and this will carry on happening for centuries as they always said that climate would change by the end of the century, to a much hotter climate and on runnaway.

What they didn't factor in was how much heat the ocean can store before it needs to be liberated into the air around it, nor what happens when the glaciers actually melt and vast reserves of methane gases from ancient extinction events come out the ground and ocean floor. This phenomenon is recent....

This was not factored into the UN report actually. Niether was the global dimming effect from the pollution. Niether was the forest fires that have gripped forest after after forest, nor was the annihilation of more ecosystems which trap CO2 ... Whereby forests are so cleared and disrupted that they release CO2 instead of absorbing co2. We don't want to lie to children and give them false hope.

Mitigation of this reality is the only recourse. Rather than the corona virus being good for the earth as we expect it's a catch twenty two. As Industrial Civilisation collapses we will see much more severe heating of the planet. Young people must prepare themselves for the Reality of the Venus syndrome. Your homework is learning about the atmosphere of the Planet Venus and how you would survive there.

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the association elements. Education and culture in the One World e.V. calls up for the competition "The climate change at our doorstep".

What does climate change mean for you in your region? What are the consequences of climate change at your own "doorstep"? What has changed and since when? Articles, photos, graphics and videos can be submitted.

Please forward the flyer to interested persons. It is definitely worth participating; great prizes can be won: The 1st prize will be awarded in the amount of 500 euros, the 2nd prize in the amount of 200 euros and two 3rd prizes in the amount of 100 euros each.

Please contact for more information.

We are looking forward to interesting and exciting contributions.

Greetings from

Climateproject team

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We can’t wait to #UniteBehindClimate once again alongside you all this Friday, online and from our driveways! 💚✊
In this photo, members of our team are demonstrating another challenge we’re encouraging all of you to take part in on Friday (as well as clicking ‘Going’ on the Online Strike Facebook event linked in our Instagram bio of course!) - take a photo making a heart like this with your hands. If you’re feeling creative, add some green paint and use your hands as a stamp to create an epic poster or placard to hang in your window for the day! 🎨
Post a photo and use the hashtag #UniteBehindClimate 📸

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How do you feel about the way the Disaster Management Act being implemented? Families are literally separated because they were working in different provinces. Police brutality and oppression of the most vulnerable have been out of control. This lock down shines a light on abuse and violence by the state security forces. There seems to be an accountability crisis. "FOR NOW, we are a constitutional democracy." #GetAweh ...

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Edge of Extinction: Examples of Rapid Extinction ...

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By Shushil Yadav
'Degrees = Destruction.
Education has destroyed this planet.
Universities have destroyed the planet in hundred years.

Millions of other species did not go to university and they did not destroy this planet in millions of years........Forest man did not go to university and he did not destroy this planet in hundreds of thousands of years.........Agrarian man did not go to university and he destroyed very little environment in 10,000 years........Industrial man went to university and he has destroyed this planet in just hundred years.

Industry has destroyed forests, rivers, oceans and atmosphere........Industry has decimated millions of land and marine species........The farmer is not running industry........The non-farming population is running industry........Urban population is running industry........Billions of university graduates are running millions of industries and corporations that have destroyed this planet.........Billions of Scientists, Engineers, MBA's, Economists, Business and Finance Graduates are running millions of industries and corporations that have destroyed this planet.

You can never save this world without stopping urban jobs and professions.......You can never save this world without closing down the universities.

Stop Education.........Close down Universities.
Stop Urban Work..........Close down the Cities.

For millions of years there was just one main activity / occupation on earth - "Searching for Food" / "Producing Food"..........Urban population of industrial society is the anomaly that is producing consumer goods and services.

For millions of years, both adults and the offspring of millions of animal species "searched for food".

For 1 million years in hunter_gatherer society both adults and children "searched for food".

For 10,000 years in agrarian society, most of the adults and children "produced food"

In industrial society which has only existed for 100 years, urban adults are producing consumer goods and services in industries and corporations..........Their children go to schools and universities where they learn how to produce and sell consumer goods in future.

Education Industry is the most dangerous and destructive industry in this world.

All Industrial Activity that has destroyed environment in the last hundred years was run by Scientific, Technological, Industrial, Business and Financial Education.

Education Industry is the source of all Industrial Activity.....All other Industries are by-products of Education Industry.

Education Industry is the Mother of all Industries.

Education Industry is the Mother of all Environmental Destruction in this world.'

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