Our Next Major Action is on June 14

MEETING POINT: Parking lot at 10 Darling St, also known as Keizersgracht St in Zonnebloem, Cape Town (Hanover Street 2 Bus stop)

11:00 (Gather)
12:00 Begin March
13:00 Handing over of memorandum
14:00 Parliament (contact us for more information, fliers)
15:00 Return Home

CONTACT: 0815895576   


Fridays for Future Strategy and Background:
For Our Safety and purpose we are decentralised, non-hierarchical, not an NPO.
It so far consists of this one simple action,
…one goes to one’s National parliament, Town Hall, Municipal centre office, or nearest political responsible structure building and picket, every friday and wait, others will begin to join. This works well where there is reliable public transport and easy access. (Strike on Fridays for our Future)

Other Strategies:
Children have formed affinity climate groups at schools, worked with supportive parents and created Marches, Mass sit ins and Other demonstrations.